Great learned people had been emphasizing on the importance of exercise and fitness since ancient times. We did have ancient doctors who had truly deep knowledge of the human anatomy and all the organ systems as well as the body’s working, but the technology to confirm their estimations was not available at that time. Yet, these people stressed on practising various forms of exercises and designing and playing a number of games which aided in complete body movement. With advancements in technology and detailed understanding of the body and its functioning in the medical field, the positive impact of exercise became more and more tangible to prove. Nevertheless, no matter what century it is, the significance of proper fitness and good health cannot be overlooked. And by good health, only a lean body does not translate as a healthy one; health means total physical, mental and social well-being. Studies have found out that exercise not only paves way for good physical health, but also rejuvenates the mind when done with concentration and interest. When all the senses become alert and the body is stretched, strained and relaxed during exercise, it helps relieve stress and refreshes our mind.

Today, people have realized that having a good physique is not necessarily an indicator of good health. If one is happy, can cope up with stress well and is free from lifestyle related diseases and also practices physical fitness regularly, then he/she can be termed healthy. And this is not just limited to having a good run or cardio session. The diet we consume also determines our wellness. As the common saying goes ‘good food, good mood’, a good diet ensures the body’s nourishment and negligible intake/accumulation of unhealthy components in our system. A lot of emphasis is being given on eating good, junk-free meals power-packed with the daily dose of required nutrients and devoid of harmful ingredients. Many people say that the combination of exercise and a planned diet have churned out wonderful and promising results. Food consisting of fruits and vegetables, low starch and sugar content, high fibre content, low LDP/cholesterol content and all the essential nutrients supplements the body well. Maintaining fitness and health by regular workout along with a proper balanced diet is very useful. Along with performing all the strenuous physical activities, taking care of mental health is also necessary. The world is becoming a busier place, and work and life stress have been mounting a lot of pressure on us, affecting our daily personal lives drastically too. In these times, a stress-busting activity is the need of the hour to keep up with all the issues and resolve them with a calm and composed mind. With an increase in psychological issues around the world, it is necessary that we keep a happy mindset towards things, open up to our close people, take breaks for self-realization activities and immerse ourselves into positivity and satisfaction. Nowadays, people do not care much about social attachment and involvement as they used to in the early days. But it is important that we stay connected and emotionally attached to the outside world and maintain healthy social relations and interactions. This will help in building strong bonding within the community and people will be able to share their joys and tackle their sorrows more effectively.

All in all, health and fitness are not just good food, good mind or good body. Healthiness is a state of self which encompasses and brings inner peace and content to us, and not just suffices our tangible needs. It is something which adds substance to living, and happiness to doing what we do.