Ever since we humans have descended onto the Earth and made developments through generations and centuries, we have been living with decorum and discipline. The world has become quite organized and diversification has been well designed, planned and implemented. Well, as more and more people get access to better quality of knowledge, competition has levelled up too, and even though there are numerous opportunities available to everyone, the opportunities per person are less than a millionth. With such a tough and cut-throat competition taking place, the chances of making the cut amongst the selected ones for any opportunity is really difficult. People have to stay resilient and hard as a rock to complete and overcome all hardships to stay in the race. Physically with practice and consistency, hurdles seem to be easier to cross. But the real hurdle here is the emotional quotient. It is a herculean task to keep up with failures, setbacks and keep working towards our goals despite all the problems. Also, peer pressure and public opinions affect us and our outlook adversely. The conception of living a healthy life doesn’t just mean good physical health, it also hints towards good mental, emotional and social well-being as well. Thus proper mental health should also be maintained in order to remain completely fit and happy. But mental health isn’t given the same level of attention and importance as maintaining a fit body. Though it is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, a healthy mind paves for a happy self. It is extremely necessary to keep an equally healthy state of mind and stability in order to live a fulfilling and enriching life. Not until very recently, psychological and mental issues were stigmatised and overlooked at by the society. But the gen – z has raised awareness about such issues, and has motivated people to come out of their shells and seek professional help to overcome their problems. Many famous personalities and public figures have opened about their stories, their health problems and how they accepted it and sought the help of their close people and medical experts to get better and healthy. This has encouraged the common person to address his/her condition with a better outlook and positive approach rather than being embarrassed and not facing it, causing more self-harm in the process.

The lifestyle that today’s generation lives is subjected to great stress levels, and coping with that huge amount of stress is itself a great challenge in today’s world. Some people might happen to get stuck in this maze, and might be unable to find the other side of the lit tunnel. These people might happen to be our close-knit ones too, and we might be unaware of what they are going through. In such cases, if we realize that our near and dear ones are emotionally distressed, it is our moral responsibility to support them in their hard times instead of ignoring or mocking them. We need to help them understand that it is totally okay if they are going through a low phase or are emotionally disturbed in any way, and that they can reach out to someone they are comfortable with, or medical professionals who can help them better in such a situation. The same goes with us too. The most important part of bouncing back with vigour and flamboyance in such situations is self-belief. If we believe in our strengths, willpower and potential, nothing is impossible and even the most difficult things are accomplishable. To be emotionally strong and focused, we need to embark on a journey of self-realization, that is, finding ourself. When we understand our good side and shortcomings, we can enhance our strengths and work on our weaknesses to become better versions of ourselves. Activities like meditation, spirituality and wellness programs can help connect our mind and body and help them work in unison as a whole unit in order to increase productivity and synchronization. Many relaxation activities can really help unwind and develop a peaceful environment for introspection and retrospection. This in turn can prove useful to help us understand our mistakes, so that we work on them well. This can also help us understand if our methods and ways are aligned in the proper direction and we can propel ourselves accordingly. We need to look after our mental health with the same intensity and importance as we do for our bodily health. A balanced and completely fit body will help us in living a contended and happy life.

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