Advantage of correct posture

Correct posture plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It enhances the personality of an individual. A person’s working efficiency and ability depends upon good posture. Here are some advantages of having correct level :-

  1. Physical appearance :- It is natural phenomenon that every individual wants good physical appearance. For creating good impression on other people, good appearance is prerequisite. Physical appearance depends upon the posture of the individual.
  2. Prevents disorder and diseases :- Poor body posture badly affects functioning of system. Correct posture prevents low back-pain, neck strain, constipation, irritation etc. It means that we are not easily affected by various disorder and diseases if we have good posture.
  3. Change in mental attitude :- Good posture affects in outlook, happiness, self-confidence, determination of an individual. Correct posture always boost up self- confidence and self-esteem.
  4. Improves concentration power :- Good posture helps in breathing properly. When an individual breathes properly their concentration power as well as thinking ability improved.

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