E-waste or electronic waste are those electronic product that are unwanted, not working and nearly at end of their life. E-waste includes almost any household or business item containing with either power or battery supply.

E-waste is a global concern. Many new better technology are coming these days. When new appliances hit the market, old appliances were discarded this generates E-waste.

E-waste contains toxic materials:-

Most appliances contains some form of toxic materials including beryllium, cadmium,mercury and lead which badly affect our soil, water , air and wildlife.

When E-waste buried at landfills, it can dissolve in microscopic traces. These traces of toxic materials pool into ground below landfill known as leaching.

Solution to E-waste

All electronic waste contains some form of recyclable material. It includes plastics, glass and metals.

  1. Reduce the generation of e-waste through smart maintenance.
  2. Reuse the electronic equipment by donating or selling it to someone who still manage too use it.
  3. Recycle those product that can’t be repaired.

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