Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Resume

Saying YES to the mess

An unprofessional resume screams SKIP! Remember to keep it sleek and professional with proper highlighting, bullets, and minimal colours. Don’t make it fancy or too simple, don’t use any kind of word or sentence, which will look like a command or too unprofessional, make it professional.
Ensure that it isn’t too busy, too colourful or has illegible fancy font styles.

Check out my posts, ‘Tools to enhance your resume’ for more on this.

Not linking your portfolios, and recommendation

One of the most common mistakes that are made while creating a holistic resume is not providing links to these. Ensure you add a hyperlink to your port folio and recommendation. Also, ensure it is accessible to the employer to view!
Recommendations are like a golden star on your resume. Keep it short, but do provide a contact that they can reach out to, for verification.
Never forgot to add this!!

Not highlighting well enough

Sure, we did tell you what to highlight. But what do you not highlight? Unnecessary minor details, especially in a stretched – out manner. Just add what is important, that will make it look good but if you add small things, it will make your resume look bad. So just remember that you have added things which are important and don’t make it too long.
Use action verbs to describe your daily responsibilities and experience.

Sorry, they can’t come to the phone right now

Why? Because they listed an incorrect contact details on their resume or didn’t list one at all.
So many times we never check our personal information and because of this even if you got the job you will miss it.
Be careful to double and triple check your contact information. E-mail addresses and phone numbers should be highlighted for easier identification.

Too long to read

Keep it short. Your ideal resume should not exceed 2 pages. Employers usually have to go through several resumes in a single day. A super lengthy resume, just make it easier for them to glance and skip.
Make it effective and short.

Grammatical or spelling error

Not only is it extremely unprofessional, but it also implies to the employer that you are not very interested in the position. Use tools like Grammarly to run spelling and grammar checks. Additionally, you could also run it by a friend, just in case you missed something. It’s that easy!