The role of women in the civil rights movements


The civil rights movement was an organised efforts by Black Americans to end racial discrimination and gain equal rights under the law full stop this moment was carried out from the late 1940 to 1960.

Cause of the moment

the idea of the moment was rooted in their heart over centuries. But the moment ignited only on December 1 1955 a 42 years old Rosa Park who seated on her design seat at the back of the bus due to the segregation laws at those thanks in USA. when the White man got on the bus and couldn’t locate a seat comer the driver instructor all the black passengers on the back seat to give up there seats Park refused and was arrested.

this instant started to spread as a wildfire on the black and white people parks unwittingly became the mother of the modern day civil rights movements.

The role of women in civil rights

many women played important role in the civil rights movements from serving as a lawyer to teaching in school they provide to the secretary Asian law and started to dismantle them one by one stop their efforts of UN overshadowed by men who still gets more attention under credits for the success in history.

during the moment many women experience to general discrimination and sexual harassment within the moment and delete the turn to do what the feminist movement.

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