Do you remember the days when you want to go out or converse with your friends so bad but because of your sluggishness you wind up looking over your social media ? In this cutting edge period of innovation we are practically becoming captives of it. We can abandon our companions yet not our cell phone. Looking through Instagram or Twitter have become the piece of our every day schedule.

Effects of social media on us

Yet, do we understand that we are turning out to be more isolated by doing this. Particularly, subsequent to getting quarantined. Since, we invested the vast majority of our energy in our phone during quarantine. We have gotten far off from our friends. Despite the fact that we live with our families we don’t talk much with one another in light of the fact that we as a whole are on mobile phones.

Influence of technology on kids

Kids as well as managing a similar issue. They have restricted their physical activities like playing around with friends or spending time with friends. The only game in which they are engaged are video games. A portion of the children play vicious computer games which can influence their creating cerebrum. Also it can likewise influence their eyes.

Children are fate of a nation on the off chance that they will stay isolated nation won’t advance. They will need fundamental human manners like correspondence and meeting behavior. So it is necessary for us to distanced from this world of technology for sometime and live in a real world.