The world has developed too much, everybody is running in the race of achieving success. Everybody wants to earn, achieve their dreams, and lead a good standard of life. 
Earlier the population of the world was not so large and in that most of the people lived in rural areas doing a small job of agriculture, some of them would go to urban areas and cities for doing work or for their studies. 
Earlier there was not much competition for getting a job, for being successful, or for earning. Living a life was not so difficult for the people of that era. 
As the time passed the world developed, the race for earning and getting a job, getting success became too hard. In today’s time no one is less than anybody. Everybody is developing along with the technology. Everyone has one unique talent. Everybody is trying to be the best. 
Everybody on this earth faces struggle. A student struggles to get into a good college. A graduate struggles to get a job. An employee struggles to get a promotion. An employer struggles for the best employee. Each one of us has to face difficulties in our life. 
While dealing with all this stuff of life one has totally forgotten the importance of health both physical as well as mental. As people are getting technologically advanced the health issues are also increasing. People cannot maintain themselves emotionally and mentally fit. Fitness has become a least priority for everybody. 
Those who can earn well, are financially strong, may be suffering from so many diseases. Some may have cancer. Some may have diabetes. Some may be heart patients. Some may be having other mental issues. All these have led to a decrease in the number of years of living. 
It is said that earlier people used to live in an environment of fresh air in the village as there was no urbanization and industrialization at that time. People used to eat fresh vegetables which were harvested by zero fertilizers and pesticides, grown totally organically. Also people used to drink natural milk, and eat pure butter made at home. They used to eat all the grains which were grown totally naturally. 
Nowadays as people have shifted towards urbanization and population is increasing day by day so is the demand for all the edible goods and goods. Hence nothing is available pure and organic. Everything which is available in the market, whether it is milk, curd, butter, grains, wheat, vegetables, food and many more things consists of chemicals in some quantity. 
Your eating habits as well as your daily schedule has a very high impact on mental and physical health. One must always be concerned about what he/she is eating. One must always follow a proper diet which consists of all the essential nutrients. So that body doesn't face any kind of deficiency. 
Everything on this earth should be balanced. One must eat everything in a balanced quantity. It should not be like eating salad everyday. It should also not be like eating junk food all day. In both conditions the body is affected. 
Earlier when our parents were kids, they didn't have shops or edibles like pizza, burger, maggie, French fries, momos and many more things which are foreign products. When they go to the market, the best thing their parents could buy them is sweets and that made them so happy. 
Nowadays kids and teenagers are attracted towards all the junk foods which are also not India originated and they have made it a habit. They don't like vegetables, salad, chapati and fruits. All they want is pizza, burger, pasta and noodles, which affects their health so badly. The taste of these foods has been stuck on their tongues. 
It is said that if a person eats well at a young age, has a healthy diet and has got all the essential nutrients, he/she will not face any of the big diseases in his life, because what you eat in childhood and the nourishment you get when your metabolism, muscles, tissues and bones are growing lasts forever till the end of your life. 
A good diet helps you to increase your immune system which supports your body and cells to fight against any of the diseases and infected viruses attacking your body. In this pandemic time when coronavirus has affected everybody's life, lucky are those who have fought with the virus even without getting admitted. It's all because of a good immune system. Many times when the season switches specially in India, some people's bodies adapt to the changing environment easily and some get sick. This non adoption is because of a low immune system. 
In the Indian history and vedas, the importance of yoga and asanas is very much highlighted. The Hindu saints do penance in the mountains of himalayas and have led a life of more than 150 years. One who has practiced yoga and exercise in his/her life is always a fit human physically as well as mentally. Yoga is one of the best forms to burst up your stress. It keeps you fresh and active. 
Walking 10,000 steps a day never allows your heart to fail. It never allows your body to slow down . Doing exercise in the early morning makes you happy and makes your day a better day. It makes you work with enthusiasm the whole day. 
One should be disciplined in how much he/she is eating, when he/she is eating, when he/she is sleeping, when he/she is waking. It is said early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy and wise.  If one wants to be fit and stress free with no pain and headaches, he/she must sleep on time and wake up on time because when you inhale fresh air in the early morning and get sun rays of sunrise it keeps you calm and shining the entire day. 
For being fit and being healthy one must have willpower, dedication and sincerity towards the schedule and exercises he/she is doing. Laziness is the biggest enemy of a human. Even if one initiates to be a fitness freak, continuing it and not skipping a single day is the biggest  challenge. Starting to exercise is quite easy for once but maintaining it consistently is so difficult. 
As technology is developing people are losing their health. Each year lakhs of people die because of fat in their body. Many people lose their life due to various other diseases which can be avoided by just implementing some seriousness towards health, dedication towards schedule and leading a disciplined life. 

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