Partition-A challenge to the Nation

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It happened years ago when India faced partition be it with Pakistan or within Andhra Pradesh(making of Telangana). These involved change of boundaries and beliefs but moving ahead we all adapted to them and welcomed new beginnings.

Our Independent Nation was believed to be achieving great heights in the coming years of Independence. The hopes were high and so was the joy and enthusiasm among the citizens. They dreamt of a nation where everyone would be his own master; where they will earn their living their own way and where, there would be innumerable possibilities for growth and development. Of course, the excitement was over their mind and the feeling of freedom was another level of peace and serenity. But, did that happened likewise ? Yes we have come far enough and are still moving ahead. Our past position and present scenario are way different in terms of growth which we have had been able to achieve through years of struggle as a nation. Being labelled as a developing country shows the mark we have reached through collective efforts in the areas of infrastructure, economy and livelihood. The focus is now on sustainable development which aims at development at a pace which does not harm the future goals or requirements of the future generations. This appears a fantastic model but the present needs too need attention to the same level now.

The increasing rate of unemployment, poverty and discrimination are amongst the major issues need to be resolved in order to build a strong force serving the nation at its best.

Each human is a resource and can be utilised in a way that contributes not only to the growth of the nation but the world as a whole. There is a lot that is still unexplored or which requires actions to be taken globally. Individual growth is complimentary to this.

Employment opportunities need to be developed creatively. It simply implies there are already many opportunities, what lacks is creativity and innovation. Though we are constantly innovating ideas but they are technology oriented and not human focused. Innovation is required so that there are ample opportunities for all of us to explore and learn. Technology makes us sick when it is used to make even basic tasks of our life, automatic. Hard work should always be encouraged. Technology feels good when it is used to make complex things simple. The boundaries we see between the rich and the poor, the educated and the illiterate, the working and the unemployed, the women and the men; all these make up for the partition India is facing.

As it is said a lot, “rich are becoming richer, poor are getting poorer”, similarly, the distances are widening between the other above stated partitions as well. The discrimination on the basis of colour, caste, religion, region, gender, etc. are parting the country as we go on. It seems they are left behind on the journey towards development. Still there are many places where women are treated lower to men, having no freedom to live their own way. The ‘minority groups’ still don’t have their rights as a citizen. The “untouchables” continue to be unacceptable and what to say about discrimination faced by the transgender. It is not always the government to blame upon. In fact they launch various schemes to help and support all the classes and sections of the society. The dust remains in the mind of the people who are not ready to accept everyone as their equals, the ones who believe in superiority of one over the other even after living in a democratic country. It may also happen due to the past relations. “What we learn being grown up is what we follow”, this can be a reason why people have a fixed mindset which is hard to change. But as we keep moving there arises a need to take up all, together. The nation is one as a whole and these partition need to be erased for the sake of all. There are more issues that need attention by us, therefore the previous ones need to be sorted to focus on the upcoming. If we can bring the whole nation together, not only by words but behaviour as well, we would soon be able to solve our global matters of concern as well; which include pollution, over-population, ozone layer depletion, water management, etc.