Effects of changing food habits on health

Right from the beginning of evolution till now humans went through lots of changes. Other organisms that thrive in the world adapts themselves to the surrounding whereas the humans on the other hand shapes and modulates the environment suitable for him. So through centuries our lifestyle and also the way we meet our daily needs has changed. For survival a person needs food and shelter, it’s mandatory for every living being. But humans over years evolved to neglect his requirements and has turned to go for false needs.

Nowadays in the fast moving world people forget to care for their health. They are ignorant towards the fact that they are spoiling themself by skipping food and taking improper diets. Its science that tells a person to consume the food that are available or grown native to the region they live, that’s how the system works and the availability varies place to place. Thus consuming foreign variety of food for a long time may be hazardous. Apart form these there is also the risk of growing fast food culture among the people. In search of tasty food, lack of time and ignorance, people end up having multiple health disorders. It affects both the physical and mental health of people, further there are also risk of bringing down our efficiency in our daily activities. Not only the adults but also the kids of this generation are addicted to unhealthy food habits, thus without acquiring necessary nutrients they suffer diseases at an young age. If this scenario persists it may result in the danger of affecting the upcoming generations which includes the factors such as redused life span. So rather than going behind false things one must realise the truth and must work towards changing his lifestyle to a normal form with all it’s regular aspects other than the modified one.