Technology in alliance with Health

The world is moving at a fast pace and so is the technology. The developments are taking place all over the globe with the help of new technologies being invented to solve problems and increase efficiency. It makes operations easy and simple. But it is taking shape of a new trend where machines are valued more than human resources. Robots are being developed to challenge the human ability. We are not much far from the time where everything would be done by the robots and people would just stare them doing tasks. Even the small and simple work are now being outsourced to machines, be it at workplace or casual areas.

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This is promoting laziness among the people. The advancement of technology is providing comfort without any hard-work. From cooking to cleaning to switching on the ACs, everything is being done by just a click of the remote. The factories as well as home are covered with machines and automated equipments. This can have effects on health of people. It was the earlier times when people used to be healthy and fit because they did all work by themselves with full dedication. There were hardly any machines and that too to compliment their hard work. Now that development is taking place, it is somehow being misused for the sake of comfort and less is taken care of health. Being on the couch the whole day, ordering fast food from restaurants and spending the day without doing any work has become a habit now. Procrastination and refusal are key factors ruling the life now-a-days. There are no considerable movements physically that can support a healthy life and make the body work.

It is essential for the body to work to its full capacity otherwise one may face bad health physically as well as mentally. The structure of a human body is designed to work. The technology better be used for global accomplishments and improving the condition of the place we live. The garbage collection is something which can harm the health of people involved in it and therefore, we should bring out effective measures to solve this problem through technological assistance. It would be useful enough regardless employing tech devices to do services of waiter in restaurants, etc. It requires high intelligence and costs to make up machines or robots and that the efforts should be respected and directed towards more important issues and present concerns.

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Development not only refers to building up good infrastructure but also to skilled human resources and their well being. It is seen mostly people involve in mental work ignoring the importance of physical exercise, etc. Working all day long on the work desk is not good for health. It puts a lot of pressure to the mind and freezes the body restricting flexible movements.

Usage of tech devices that build up laziness should be avoided in daily life. Outsourcing of work should be done where it is required and not when you wish to escape physical involvement unnecessarily.