*Why are internships important?*Your might have certain questions about why one should do an internship. Well, here are some points 👇👇

◼️ *Work ex matters*– Many Job recruiters value relevant work experience more than any other qualifications while recruiting. Also, getting experience will do wonders for your confidence during any job interview.

◼️ *It allows you to apply classroom knowledge in real-life situations –* Internships give you a way to utilize your knowledge base, and expand it, by applying it in situations where the outcome is not the number of marks you score in an exam but something that could affect a whole company.

◼️ *It opens many doors –* Students get to know more opportunities to grow and make some professional connections which could open many doors for them. They can even get a recommendation letter to boost up their CV.

◼️ *Networking*- Networking is an exchange of information between people, with the ultimate goal of establishing acquaintances and relationships to advance your professional career. Networking can certainly help you find your dream career and also about not-so-common careers which can interest you!

◼️ *Earn stipend –* All the opportunities at Internshala comes with a stipend.

◼️ *Win-Win situation -* Internship opportunities not only provide you industry exposure to a particular field but also help you discover your interests and learn more about yourself. So one should never miss out on such opportunities to grow.

*Internships let you flirt with careers before you marry one*

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