Top Five Valuable Companies In India

1) LIC

LIC stands for life Insurance Corporation of India. It was established on 1 September 1956 by the government of India. The Indian government had passed the life Insurance Act and merged 245 insurance companies. You have questions, How the LIC is earning money? LIC buys money in the way of policies from the public and they invest it among the NIFTY campanies. LIC Managing Director says India’s largest life Insurance had made profit of over Rs 15000 crores on equity investment. The head of the LIC is owned by Ministry of Finance, Government of India. LIC holds the biggest company by market capitalisation with an estimate valuation of Rs 8-10 lakh crore.


HDFC stands for Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. It is an financial services company and banking. This is the India’s largest private sector bank by assets. It was founded in August 1994. The Headquarters of HDFC in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Incorporated in 1994, HDFC Bank was the first bank in India approved by the RBI to offer financial services in the private sector. The revenue of HDFC is $22 billion in 2021. It has 120000 employees all over the India. The total valuation of HDFC is $22.70 billion.


Reliance is a multi-industry company. It has operating many business entities. It was founded by Dhirubhai Ambani on 8 May 1973. It have headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance has business in petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical, textile, retail, telecommunications, media, television, entertainment, music, financial services, software. Now, the owner of Reliance is Mukesh Ambani. He holds (50.54%) of Reliance. The revenue of Reliance is 4.83 lakh crores INR in 2021. The total assets of Reliance is $190 billion.


Tata Group is a conglomerate company. It was founded in 1868 by Jamshedji Tata. Tata group is the one of the biggest and oldest industrial group in India. It has headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Tata has business in automotive, airlines, chemical, defence, FMCG, electric utility, finance, football club, home appliances, hospitality, IT services, retail , e-commerce, real estate, salt, steel, software, cement, telecom. The revenue of Tata group is $123 billion in 2020. It’s net worth is 9.3 trillion INR.


Hindustan Unilever Ltd is an consumer goods of India. It was established in 1931. It has headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This have business like foods, cleaning, agents, person care, skincare and water purifier. The company as 18000 employees and had rs 34619 crores revenue in FY2017-18. The net income of Hindustan is rs 6764 crores in 2020. Hindustan Unilever has a market cap of ₹545,762.50 crores and is ranked among the top 10 Indian companies in terms of market capitalisation. A leader in India’s fast-moving consumer goods firm, the company has a rich history of over 80 years. The company website says on any given day, nine out of ten Indian houses use the company’s products.