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Top Five High Demanded Skills

1)GOOGLE SEO SEO stands for “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION”. In easy way, it means the process for improving the website to increase the visibility of people who searching in Google and other search engines. In this job, the SEO expert are marketing professional who use research and analysis to improve a […]

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How & What Mindset build a better world?.

As a general rule, it’s more profitable to leverage your strengths than it is to fix your weaknesses. This is especially true when we are talking about skills: focus on what you do well, and let someone else do the stuff that you struggle with. There’s one huge exception to […]

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Start-up India to Kick Start Entrepreneurship

Why Startup India ? In a very innovative move, the government has acknowledged the shift in economies by the startups and has launched ‘Startup India, Standup India’ to promote and motivate not only the entrepreneurs to venture out, but also the venture capitalists who have been the primary funding source […]

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