Jealousy, Inferiority Complex & Insecurities – Different Words, Same Emotions

Jealousy is common nowadays but none admits it. People love flaunting anger which is as destructive as jealousy but the former isn’t related to self image always. Its just a product of either our emotional state or our pride. But why is jealousy hidden? And why is it more dangerous? Because if anger means killing one’s peace and calmness, jealousy slowly poisons one’s self image,slowly,until there is a sudden awareness of one losing his true identity.

Its not a fault. But

the society perceives it as one. Most of the times people can’t help it. Anger can be controlled but jealousy cannot be controlled if it ever generates in their mind. Yes, it is true that perceptions help us to maintain a positive mental health but not always one can nurture a positive perception. Jealousy is a mirror of our insecurities, self doubt and inferiority complex because when one is truly happy with what they are, they never find the need to compare themselves with some other individuals who are possessing some other different talents or possessions. Often at work or even in colleges and schools, people face the problem of dealing with their insecurities and doubts. People usually applaud the ones who have some visible, well known, unique talents which they successfully convert into skills but however, we all tend to ignore the ones who fail to convert their talents into skills and instead of motivating them, most of the times we find them being cornered, which results to low self esteem. Such people may or may not be compared by their colleagues or family but they start comparing themselves with others and tend to pin point flaws which they think they possess. Whereas in reality these assumptions are worse than hallucinations. Such thoughts and mental state has often lead to many cases of severe depression and suicides as these people loose the interest in their lives and due to continuous comparison, they forget their worth. Henceforth,people who are jealous of others are not always the enemies or haters. They are mostly people who find themselves cornered in the presence of the other people or a particular person, and often loose their confidence and self esteem while comparing their achievements and talents with the others who are applauded in the room

Jealousy is also a product of perfection. When one is considered to be the BEST in the room, their fear often pokes them to hold on to their position and even if someone is applauded, they don’t take it positively. Their mind perceives it as a COMPETITION where they have to win. This is when one starts either being aggressive or a bully. Sometimes even a demotivator. That’s when one stops being a leader and starts being a boss. One compliment to someone else and the mental peace remains broken. This is how fragile jealousy makes our mind.
However in such cases one should talk. If not to their friends or family members, they can talk with themselves. If self comparison is worse than the others comparing us, self appraisal and motivation is way better than the others motivating us. Spending time with ourselves and discovering what we are good at supports our self image. Unless we polish ourselves, we can’t shine.

When our mind accepts the fact that we are a separate individual and that we can’t be someone’s replica, we often free ourselves from one of the most deadliest manmade mental torture device, jealousy. If someone has something better to offer to the world, instead of torturing our peace and our basic personality, we can learn from them. And to do that, we can keep aside our ego and accept the fact that none is the best and there will always be people around us who maybe better or worse than us. The choice is in our hands. We can learn from the better and be our best or we can compare ourselves with the better and be the worse.