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Book Review: 1984 by George Orwell

Book Plot: Winston Smith is a low-ranking member of the party. In his country Oceania, everything was controlled by the head of the party who is known as “Big Brother”. There will be cameras fixed everywhere like public places, apartments and even in our own houses including our bedrooms. We […]

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Don’t judge a book by its cover. But, who can ignore if the books come with eye-grabbing front covers and alluring editions? Book readers have a lot of Idioms and Phrases and especially things names to convey their ideas among themselves. But, not everyone knows the difference between the books […]

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From the previous article, we learned about how important passion and profession are. What are the simplest ways to earn money from some of the businesses and most probably with the lowest investments. In this part, we will uproot some more businesses which can give you a stable income and […]

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Start your own business – Part 1

During the lockdown, most of us lost our jobs and most of us got less paid than our actual wages due to the unpredictable economic statics and decrease percentage. So, everyone started to realize one passive income is not sufficient to run our lifestyle, especially in this pandemic situation. We […]

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Best bookselling websites for Indian Residents.

This pandemic situation hit us hard. Most of our hobbies and entertainments have been taken away by Covid-19. Still, we are rebuilding our lifestyle as it was before with every inch of hope in our hearts. Still, Schools, Colleges, Theaters, and most of the places were shut down, Even during […]

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Books are the best companions for Human beings. There are a lot of genres in books. Everyone has their own interest in reading. Some read Self-help like Elon Musk and Robin Sharma while some read fantasies like Harry Potter and The Midnight Library. Whatever the genres are, we lost ourselves […]

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