Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits.

Features of buisness watsapp

watsapp which well known to people of all generations including kids,now a days it is main source of communication or intraction between people’s. Now a days buisness are going online so meta company also introduced a best application for buisiness it is watsapp buisines, although everyone who are reading this […]

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The Rashomon Effect

Ever heard multiple sides to a story from eye witnesses and had a tough time deciding which one is true or which to believe? Such a conundrum is brought about by subjective views, observer bias, perspective and memory of the observer. All these parameters can be summed into a single […]

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Operant conditioning by B.F Skinner

B.F Skinner is considered one of the most influential psychologist of this era. He studied human aspects and behaviourism of the day to day life that most of us fail to observe and put it into theory .His discovery are used till date to treat, diagnose and find solution to […]

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The Roots of STEM Talent of India

Introduction The Information Technology sector in India has built its reputation by providing cost-effective solutions and providing employment to millions of people in the process. However, the full-time research workforce […]

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The Top Three Tools to Become a Better Teacher

Every teacher wants to be the best teacher they can be. Teachers spend much of their own time and money researching new ways to be effective and attend a myriad of classes and PD’s (professional development meetings). If you visit a teacher in their home or look at their computer […]

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The Dark Side of Ghana

Ghana is well known for it’s dark chocolate. Infact, it is the 2nd largest chocolate exporter in the world. Several children are forced into child labour for the extraction of cocoa seeds and they are made to work from the crack of dawn till night. To keep the price of […]

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