Science and technology play a huge role in our society as well as in our lives. Nowadays we all are surrounded by technology and are dependent on it for everything we do. Especially after this pandemic everything is in virtual mode and is completely based on technology. We live in […]

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Horticulture, the branch of plant agriculture dealing with garden crops, generally fruits,vegetables, and ornamental plants. The Horticulture falls between domestic gardening and field agriculture, through all forms of cultivation naturally have close links. It is divided into the cultivation of plants for food and plants for ornament. Pomology deals with […]

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Methods of Stealing Information

Shoulder Surfing Shoulder surfing is a word that refers to someone looking at another person’s computer or mobile device screen and keyboard in order to collect sensitive information. Direct observation can be accomplished by simply glancing over someone’s shoulder – a practice known as shoulder surfing – or by employing […]

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