Coronavirus pandemic

Easing out the lockdown

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that the rate of infection of coronavirus has increased in those countries that relaxed the lockdown at once. They have indicated that underestimating the challenges that may arise in the future needs to be taken into consideration by the stakeholders. WHO Director-General Tedros […]

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Worst incidents of 2020 till date!!!

2020 is probably the year of histories to be created and to taught in the coming decades that how intelligent and cruel are the humans!!! There is the series of bad events on it self starting of the year…again and again humans are proved that the level of damage can […]

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Corona Vaccine Update!!!

The situation in the world are very worse and so our hope for vaccine also. Scienticts are trying hard and hard to discover the vaccine. Scientist and pharma industry from all over the world are in danger in terms of health and wealth. Here are some updates related to corona […]

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