Pegasus – A threat to your Privacy

What is Pegasus? It is a type of malicious software or malware classified as a spyware. It is designed to gain access to devices, without the knowledge of users, and gather personal information and relay it back to whoever it is that is using the software to spy. Pegasus has […]

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List of Malwares

A list of the most dangerous, effective, and most well-known malware strains that have been developed by the cyber-security units of various countries’ intelligence and military branches. Regin Regin, widely regarded as the most powerful malware family ever produced by a nation-state actor, was created by the NSA and shared […]

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Protecting networks, data, programs, and other information from illegal access, change, or destruction is the most basic definition of cyber security. Because of recent cyber-attacks and cyber-attacks, cyber security is becoming very important all over the world. Software for data protection is developed by many companies. Many businesses create software […]

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