Fashion Forecasting…

Fashion trends are influenced by several factors including political, economical, social and technological. There are aristocratic fashions, film-style fashions, peasant class fashions and a kind of fashion known as maverick […]

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Fashion is a term which means ‘an ongoing trend ‘. It refers to how people dress and what kind of external getup most people think is making them look stylish, up-to-date and sophisticated. While etiquettes and manner also somehow comes into the count but it comparatively more superficial and dynamic. […]

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Tricks for Petite girls to look taller

After a certain age our growth plates become inactive(close) and height stop increasing .It’s no secret that girls stop growing before boys .According to fashion industry the women who is 5’3 or below comes under petite.Average height of women in India is approximately 5 feet which means most of the […]

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