Technology is defined as the use of data to create and develop products and equipment that may be used in a variety of ways. Technology has become an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives. Despite the fact that technology has made life easier for all of us, it has […]

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Want to be a CYBORG….?

Cyborg can be defined as an organism that has enhanced ability due to the integrated of some artificial components or technology. The concept of a man-machine mixture was widespread in science fiction before World War II. As early as 1843, Edgar Allan Poe described a man with extensive prostheses in […]

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Non Personal data faces pushback from US giants

Vaishali Singh Government’s plan to regulate “non-personal” data has jolted US tech giants Amazon, Facebook, and Google, and a group representing them is preparing to push back against the proposals, according to sources and a letter seen by Reuters. A government-appointed panel in July recommended setting up a regulator for […]

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