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 News is a news portal for publishing news related to education, colleges, universities, admissions and jobs. The correspondents from different universities and colleges join us to provide the news articles.

Join us to share news and news analysis to the readers around the world. 

Eduindex News prefer to publish educational contents and news related to academics and education. We invite educational institutions to share the news updated through our portal. .

How to Get Associated with Eduindex News

Representatives from different educational institutions can contact us through mail to or for more details.
We have made it very simple, you can send the news articles from your institutional mail id then it will be accepted on priority basis.

Benefits of Joining Eduindex News

We publish news and educational contents which will be useful to the readers and students of the educational institutions. We try to promote good education.
Can Students of the the Educational Institutions Join?
Yes, students from educational institutional can send us essays and campus news for publication on our portal.
Benefits to Students
You will gain name and fame through our portal and we will try to showcase your talent to the world.

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