8 Genuine ways to earn money from your home!!!

Here are some of the genuine ways to earn in your spare time without any investment.

  1. Transcriber: average earnings per month is hundred and fifty. All you need is actually to have a good pair of headphones and of course you need to get stored to type there now there is a few other sites so you can’t only rely of course on hundred and fifty dollars average earning per month but if you are good at this you can actually earn of course much more but what you can do is you can become a transcriber. rev.com is another site here as a transcriptionist you can anywhere from 24 to 90 cents per audio/video minute basically you can be a video captioner also which is pretty much the same here and you can earn anywhere from 45 cents up to 75 cents.
  2. Micro tasks you can do this on my.com in your spare time you get paid for completing simple tasks here so it can be anything from like tagging objects here helping companies select the best picture the audit user classifying you can see that there is tons of opportunities. Rapidworkers.com is another site where you can earn a decent amount just by doing some micro taskes.
  3. Data entry jobs on Amazon on rapid workers there is micro workers also but there is also assigned like a clickworkercalm.com. You just sign up for a free account and you work independently your schedule is flexible and all you need is a computer and of course and/or a mobile device with an internet connection and it’s totally up to you how much you want to work. You can do text creation, copy editing, research surveys, mystery visit, app testing and photo capturing a lot of opportunities that you can earn money from the comfort on clickworker.com.
  4. Virtual assistant one of my favorite sites is virtual assistant jobs calm and basically you can apply for data entry, call center whatever comes into your mind you can get started here and apply and search for it you might be available only to do this on part time so you can search for part-time flexible with contracts. Jobs.com helps us out there by providing all types of virtual assistance jobs.
  5. Online tutoring if you’re good at something math or English or something like that one side is a shag.com , VIP kid teachers.com which is basically they teach English here and you can earn up to twenty two dollars per hour teaching. There are many students who want to learn extra and out of their books so here comes opportunity by teaching them.
  6. Freelancer totally depends on your skills. There is other popular freelance sites like upwork.com there is freelancer.com there is people per hour so a lot of options actually that you can apply for here as a freelancer. Freelancing is one of the best option as you can work also on your niche and can enhance it for future use.
  7. Affiliate marketer and the good thing with affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to deal with shipping you don’t have to deal with anything at all. You need is just grab a link and promote that offer whatever it is and of course you earn a commission okay so one of the most popular platforms is Clickbank.com. They have thousands of products here probably one of the most popular niches will be health and fitness. You just grab a link here and what you do is you use this link to promote it you can use something like bitly to shorten this ugly link of course and then all you need to do is drive traffic to this offer. Amazon is another option that you can make money as an affiliate marketer they have millions of products here that you can promote ok you can earn a commission from anything you promote inside Amazon here so it works the same way it totally depends on your niche here how you can drive traffic to it.
  8. Sell stuff on eBay you have available that you don’t use at your home you can get stored there to sell this or you can actually use this platform to buy something and sell it much higher. So, you can be a sort of a middleman here so this is another option tons of ways and opportunities to make money eBay and you can of course do this from your home without any investment.