Typhoid and low levels of Serotonin

Vaishali Singh

It’s the seventh time I got detected positive with typhoid, the first time my Widal test came out to be positive was when I was in 5th standard and today I am in the second year of my college it’s been more than 10 years but the problem is still there, the typhoid bacteria Salmonella typhi, activates in favourable condition, for 2 years I had no typhoid but still the problems related to intestine were there, I always suffer from stomach and digestion related problems and overtime these problems decreased the amount of serotonin in my body, my poor metabolism and digestive problems ultimately caused me low levels of serotonin which keeps me frustrated and unhappy for long period of time, most of the times I feel so empty, unhappy and lonely, for years I never understood that it was a clinical problem as I never gave it my attention but the research and deep analysis of 2 days made me understood that every mental health problem has connection to your physical health, the low levels of serotonin makes one feel depressed, broken, restless, emotional and unhappy, and overtime this problem can lead to severe problems which can destroy your mental peace so always take it seriously, you feel low most of the times because your feeling can may have a huge connection with your physical health, now the solution to my problem is to keep your body fit with regular Yoga, exercises and most importantly the healthy food, the another important thing is to do the meditation sessions to boost the serotonin, since this february my health condition is poor and I am struggling to make myself happy but today I understood the proper reason so now I can hope I’ll be better with continuos efforts.

Thank you for reading it, the purpose of putting it here was to aware you that if you’re suffering from Typhoid, or any other disease which affects your intestine or may be any other organ, can lead to decrease in your serotonin level and can cause you depression or severe anxiety but don’t be sad instead work for it, first of all just take time to get recover from that health condition then focus upon healthy food, workout and meditation overtime you will be healed.

What is Serotonin? Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, it’s involved in numerous core physical processes such as the regulation of sleep, appetite, and aggression. For more details read this link, https://www.integrativepsychiatry.net/product-category/neurotransmitters/serotonin/