Don’t let the desire of a successful future destroy your present

Vaishali Singh ( Cheenu Singh Rathore)

This four lettered word “LIFE” is the synonym of living and nothing else, don’t waste it about thinking over the things which have either happened in the past or more likely have not even happened yet, this is a constantly changing world, everything is temporary in this world even you and me, we are perishable, then what are you doing why are you wasting your life over thinking of the things which are just confined within your mind doors, they are not reality they just exist within in your mind most of the problems you have in your life have originated from overthinking, be in now and enjoy this moment, live this moment because this moment is life, don’t take it too seriously, don’t put too much pressure on your mind, don’t let the desire of a successful future destroy your present, if you think that a sad present can give you a beautiful life then you’re wrong because life is now and if you can’t make yourself happy being in this moment then how can you expect it from yourself that attaining a certain goals will make you happy? If something doesn’t satisfy you today then how can you think that it will give you a beautiful and peaceful life, most of the people destroy their life either thinking about their past or caring about their uncertain future, we human being have only 5 senses, we can never analyse what’s going to happen in the future the only thing which is in our hand is to take actions but we can never predict the result of our actions and most of times the way we perceive our future is not exactly how it turns out to be, now the current scenario of world is a good example of the uncertainty of life, no one knew that this would happened in the beginning of 2020 all of us had a tons and tons of plans for our new year but our plans got failed they turned out to be something called “LOCK DOWN” we are at our home today, probably many of us had a lot of plans and wishes with our family, or friends but today it’s not safe to step out of our homes unnecessarily, this is life man, this is the reality and nothing can change the fact no matter how many plans you make, no matter how much time you waste in figuring out your life, at the end you will have even more questions than before. So live your life instead of worrying.