Importance of talking.

we humans are no super heroes, we are blessed with various things like ability to help people, emotional intelligence, gut feelings so on and so forth

But we can’t read minds- right?

there’s a gap between your and others brain every brain works differently and to bridge that gap you have to be vocal and be clear

Set the expectations make yourself heard loud and clear as worst case scenario if things don’t work out you have your satisfaction that you were vocal and you can end things peacefully.

transparency is the key – be transparent so that the people can in act and interact with you.

If you are an introvert, then for you I will suggest that speaking in mind is never gonna help you but I will always put you in a situation where you find yourself uncomfortable. So, atleast talk little bit and if not then Stop filling gap and also thinking to fill the gap. That way you can lead a good way.

So, tell us why you think it’s important to talk, in comment section down below.

See yaa…