Impact of COVID on personal life.

“Kya se kya hogyaaa” if you are an Indian, you must have use this sentence to explain this lockdown. Still, we are not able to collect that when and how it happened. More than 7 months in home, after staying away for this many days huh!! Wasn’t a dream for all of us and also was a real challenge, isn’t it?

This blog is for those who were out from there home town and had to return back. Actually, I guess many of us has returned, but, those who didn’t are lucky and also not so lucky.  Like everything has pros and cons of it and both has to be faced by every individual in respect of there action.

Let me first clear that we are not going to discuss about the business world and COVID impact on it because when we say business we mean surviving through ups and downs with tactics and making profit. But, the great impact of it was felt in every individuals life and I’m sure that something has changed in every one of us. So, I’m gonna talk about that according to my experience and level of thinking. You are free to judge here.

So, Dec 2019 has started and everyone was excited for the coming year. We can say that 2019 was little rough for all of us till that time when we were hoping for 2020. We heard about the COVID that time but we were not soo serious about it because we all have thought about it as some kind of regular flue which will be gone in few days.
But, as we entered 2020 we came to know that it is not going to end soon. And them march 2020 came when govt announced total lockdown in country.

Some of us still didn’t BELIVED that this was really happing, but soon we all. And then second news we got about work from home.
Hush! What a relief that was. Now, work and family was together. For some days it was like best thing to do but after that it became a trouble. As, staying at hom for work.e and still not able to have a good time really makes you uncomfortable, isn’t it?. We all must have started felling left out from certain things, while there were many things which again started to build up. People started working on their bonds and relationship stuffs  with there loved ones. but, it also make them distracted from there work. And at last they all understood that office was best because that place had full concentration for work.

Now, let’s see the bachelor side of view. How lockdown or COVID put an impact on them?. I guess, pretty well because they are adjustable. They got some break from everything. Yeah! Even though they didn’t have such hard job to do but still for a class 1 student it’s class 1st syllabus what is hard for them. And they also weren’t getting paid. What really didn’t worked for them is not meeting there friends daily and staying in house. These bachelors have hot blood so they can’t just sit at one place for long time. And second thing was now they were under restrictions. Those who were not living with there parents from many years will be getting that being with them after so many days for these many days was a kind of trouble, right?. Like we weren’t far from them but living 24hr with them after many days needs some kind of adjustment and understanding after living alone with all the pockets money. But, at last we all came out of it and I’m pretty sure now it will be difficult to live alone again, na!.

Overall we can say that this COVID was a drastic things but it also did some good things which can’t be ignored.

So, leaving you all here with a question, How you felt this COVID impacted on personal life? Tell us below in comment section about your answer.

See yaa..