What is UX designing

UX also called user experience design, which is similar to product designing. But Rather in a neat and clear way UX is launching or making a product that is user-friendly, easy to use, and highly accessible. In no way UX need to be confused with the visual appearance of the product but rather UX focus to provide comfort and ease in the usage of the product in day to day necessity of life.

 UX is not a new career option but has been around since the nineties coined by Donald Norman. UX designer focuses on the interaction between users with the product. An example may include making a website, an app for designing a Juicer, or a coffee machine.

How UI and UX are different:

UI and UX are confused with many people. UI and UX are completely 2 different terms and 2 different careers. UI is user interaction whereas UX is user experience.

UI is the features involved with the product may be a phone with multiple options which are arranged in a manner to bring easy accessibility to the user, this is user interaction whereas UX is getting to know the experience of the user with the products, which can be known talking to people about the product, ask them about feedback. Surely, the user expectation depends from customer to customer and the company needs to launch one product that fulfills all these demands like the applications required by a teenage girl/boy will be gaming-friendly, pro camera, high battery life, multiple applications, and good RAM but if we talk about an old age person the need is different which may include good speaker, easy accessibility, good battery, maybe a radio.

Now we can easily figure out that the need of the product expectation varies from age group, profession, etc and all these are included in user experience (UI)

What does a UX Designer do:

UX designer’s purpose is to create easy, accessible, and efficient products. The main task of a UX designer to focus on the user and improve the quality of the experience.

UX designer is not just about visuals but also focuses on overall activities to provide the best.

What skills required to become a UX designer:

  1. Knowledge about software (may include web and app development)
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Communication
  4. Coding


Other requirements to become a successful UX designer

  • A bachelors degree in tech fields
  • A lot of experience with some prior internships in the same field.


More understanding on UX designer

UX designing is definitely a good career to opt for

According to a compensation data company, Payscale.com, the average salary of a UX designer in India is 6,95,863.

UX designer keeps track of all your feelings and emotions at every level from buying, using and leaving, or changing the product. It keeps a record of what the user likes in the product and what the user does not like about the product. It keeps a record of all the age groups and then comes up with solutions.