Top 5 Most Popular Anime

Have you ever heard of some addictive popular Japanese series which are having millions of fans all around the world? Or any animated series with beautiful animation and an amazing storyline?

Popular anime

Yes I am talking about  anime. The anime industry of Japan is currently consisting over 450 production companies and is booming all over the world.

Here are Top 5  Most Popular Anime of all times. This list of most popular anime is calculated on basis of popularity, no. of searches and community discussions.

5. One Punch Man

As the name suggests, it’s story revolves around an ordinary looking but extremely powerful hero who can kill anyone with one punch only, and because of this overwhelming strength he is bored and is seeking any worthy opponent.

Enjoy this popular superhero franchise which has action, adventure and at the same time humour with it and get included in its huge fan base.

4. Naruto Franchise

One of the biggest and most popular anime series of all times which has a beautiful storyline, amazing characters and wonderful music. This anime is having a huge fan base not only in Japan or Asia but also in the other parts of world.

The story revolves around a mischievous young brat whose dream is to become a great ninja and to be the leader of his village so that he could be recognised by people. Watch the journey of growing up of a kid into a man.

3. FullMetal Alchemist

This anime has action, great storyline, good music, nice animation and is nothing less than a masterpiece.

It revolves around the story of two young brothers who make an attempt to bring their mother back to life. But the fundamental law of alchemy says that “In order to get something, alchemist must sacrifice something of same value” . What would have happened next?

The popularity and quality of this anime could be understood by the fact that it is still widely regarded as the best anime of all time and is still being loved by thousands of people.

2. Attack On Titan

An incredibly popular anime which is believed to get more popular as the fans are waiting for the upcoming season. This series is filled with action, thrill, and lots and lots of twists and turns. The epic story of humans fighting against Titans for survival will excite you and at the same time will break your heart and fill your eyes with tears. It is so beautifully written that one can not stop liking it.

This anime has gained a tremendous popularity and a huge fan base in last two years and is supposed to get more.

1. Death Note

One of the best and most popular anime of all times! This one is truly a masterpiece.

Ever heard of a notebook in which if you wrote name of anyone while thinking about him, he/she will die? It sounds interesting huh? But what if this is found by a young student named Light Yagami who is a genius and at the same time a psychopath?

The rivalry between him and the another protagonist L who is also a genius and a young detective will make you stick to this anime. Despite being aired several years ago, this anime’s popularity is still growing.

Overall anime are a great choice to watch to kill your boredom or to entertain yourself. They can be very interesting and there is also alot of variety present in anime. All of them have amazing themes, stories and intersting characters. One should definitely watch them and if they are the popular ones then they are definitely a MUST WATCH!!!

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