Book Review: One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

Book Review: One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

One Indian girl written by Chetan Bhagat is a well-known novel written in 2016. The best thing is that Book is written in an easy and understandable language of about 272 pages. Once you start reading and going through the book, you can end in just one to two sitting.

Coming to the review part of the novel:

One Indian girl is a story of an Indian Punjabi girl Radhika Mehta, who deals to balance much with career and her love life. She always ends up with different thoughts and confusion. Radhika is brilliant in her academics but remains unpopular in college and the main reason for this is her dull complexion. She was always been judged throughout her studies.

On the other hand, her elder sister Aditi is beautiful, fair, and popular in her college. This makes Radhika feel always confused with the thought of society in today’s world and she remains confused with the fact that why society prefers good looking than skills.

When I involved in getting myself into the book, I could feel Radhika dealing with problems that every Indian girl in one or the other way needs to go through all these problems.

On one end she works hard and manages to get admission to SRCC also known as Shri Ram College of Commerce and then continues with her higher studies for MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Later on, she gets placed with the earning of 48 lacs per annum in New York city. This makes her mom in trouble with the thought of how would she find a suitable groom for her. Radhika along with her work manages her love life and is happy with what she achieved regardless of what others wanted her to do. She is confident, ambitious, and hardworking. She knows in no way a man and woman need to be compared that who is earning more.

Radhika starts earning in New York and finds a guy named Debashish who is an advertising agency in New York. Later they turn to be good friends and he asks her for the date. They start living relation and at the same time Radhika’s hard work became no less and she kept on working more. She later broke up with him and they part ways. Later Radhika gets shifted to a new city and gets hired there and found Neel as his boss’s boss who was 20 years older than Radhika, and they both started dating. Later realizing Neel was already married, Radhika leaves him.

The family pressure on the other hand was no less in any way to get Radhika to marry, and in all way, her mother convinces her to get married. This way Radhika continues dealing with problems relates the story of many girls with dreams.


What this book felt like:

In my opinion, Chetan Bhagat did a fantastic job covering the journey of an Indian girl and how she deals with all the problems where on one hand girls are allowed to study and on the other hand she is preached not to gain more money than the man. The difference makes the girl uncomfortable to digest with the thought process of man and society and eventually she always ends up being sad and confused.


This Novel will be better if you are a beginner in reading and will make you realize what thoughts are built in the situation and how a woman deals with each of them. And mostly Indian women’s who deals with such tough situation where they come up with deep confusions which society decides for her. Radhika in every way is a perfect example representing the troubles of an Indian girl which is beautifully written by Chetan Bhaghat.

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