India badly failed to defeat Covid-19


              Reasons India failed to defeat Covid

We all are aware of how covid-19 started and have now taken more than a year with just one change that is the more drastic cases in the number of active cases in the regions.

Delhi, the capital of India is in an extreme shortage of hospital bed and oxygen supply. Where govt. where government head and other officers said that the supply in hospital is continuously happening and on the other hand Chief minister Arwind Kejriwal tweets on 24th April 2021pleading health minister to look after the shortage of the oxygen supply in hospitals. Multiple death rate in India is due to shortage of breath among the patients of corona which can be only filled by the good supply of oxygen. In many cities shortage of drugs to treat people is also unavailable and people are dying badly before reaching the hospital and without getting a better checkup done.

The other and the most eye-catching case in India is the happening of the elections which include public Rallies by political leaders moving in several cities just to get their votes count and collecting crowds at many places. Did you remember about the Kumbh Mela of Haridwar gathering is a festival in which many Hindu devotees make a huge group and visit the Kumbh Mela and take bath in the river Ganga altogether. Isn’t it shameful calling religion above than life of several people and accusing the only answer left is the belief in God. In no way a person is allowed to break rules which may just not only affect them but also the whole country in the crisis.

The next reason for a sudden increase in the covid cases in India is the lack of awareness within people. After being informed by prime minister Narendra Modi, there were and are still many people roaming without masks, people continued partying and gathering which eventually turned to give triple the amount of patient than 2020.

In 2020 the cases in India started to arrive in all regions and meanwhile how can we forget the first 21-day lockdown addressed by PM Narendra Modi where police and govt. heads got strict with the lockdown. This lockdown successfully happened but later on after 21 days gradually people started gathering, attending weddings, moving to different cities,  neglecting the adverse effects for the future, and drastically the number of corona patients got increased. In the same way, this happened in 2021 and now we have a huge amount of active cases in India having around

26,263,164 coronavirus cases 295,047 deaths and Recovered 23,022,025

During this interval, we all keep checking newspapers and television news which is in itself proof of how other countries fought with this pandemic, which we have to learn. Other countries which really came out of this pandemic made several strategies to control by allotting the government employees and dividing them into teams to reach out people to in their homes and check patient’s health. Reaching almost every home generally resulted in a gradual decrease in covid-19 patients. In the same way, if strategies were made in India, the country won’t reach this worst.

Covid-19 in India is going bad to worse, which not just need police or government to be strict but also awareness within all of us cooperating rules and lockdown staying at home and avoiding unnecessary gatherings and meet-ups. Citizens should follow government rules and regulations to control the corona is the only way to treat this pandemic maintaining distance and accept the condition of working from home or finding other better ways to adjust in the scenario.


Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.

                                                                                                       ~helen killer




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