Life of a student in Kota | Hostel life in Kota

Life of a student in Kota

Kota is the 2nd largest city located in Rajasthan state in India also known as the hub of education all over India. Many JEE and NEET aspirants each year take admission here, having hopes of getting selected and get admission in IIT, NIT, or AIIMS.

The coaching institutes like Allen, Resonance, Motion, Vibrant, Nucleus and many institutes are popularly known to provide quality education to the students.

I am eligible to talk about life in Kota because I have been there for 2 years and can discuss all the cons and pros of the city.

Hostel life in Kota:

As soon as you take admission to the desired coaching institute, your parents would search for a good hostel. I will be very honest, the price of the hostels is very high to afford. Hostel life, in the beginning, is quite fun but soon you start realizing that people are extremely selfish and will always try to trick you and make you not study. They would study all day and won’t attend you and will start enjoying your quality time of studies. It is on you that how soon you admit that and be aware of such kinds of people. Apart from this hostel life is better in many ways, you get a good circle and if a get a good friend then that will better for you to start your group study.

Coaching schedule in Kota:

The coaching schedule depends on the batch you are mainly it varies from 9 am to 5 pm. Students get adversely affected by the hectic schedule and are always running for marks. Institutes also provide a small canteen for students during break time. In the beginning, you would be allotted a normal batch, and your marks in the future will decide which batch you attain later. The highest qualified batch also called the star batch which is attained only by students who get qualified in the batch shuffling test. These star batch students get better teachers than normal batch students which is quite a hard competition for average students.

Food quality in Kota:

The meal served in hostels is not so good mainly it is simple food which is not liked by most of the students. But don’t worry there are many open messes available and you can pay them if you want to skip your hostel meal. Thursday and Sunday are considered as special meal days in most of the hostels which provide idli, dosa, uttapam, sweet dish and many more.



Holidays in Kota:

Students get weekly off from all the classes mainly Sunday, but if a teacher is running out of syllabus, he may schedule an extra class even on Sunday (that is sad). Festival holidays are not given here except Diwali (5-10 days) when all the students run to their homes after long. Raksha Bandhan holiday is also given which is just for 1 day and it is not possible to travel if you belong from a different state.

Distractions in Kota:

I want you to read this part very carefully as I have dealt with how the distraction process goes in Kota. Students here are extremely selfish and would never want to give their a minute to you and if you come between their studies they will make distance from you, this is about studious people. Talking about more than 65% of students in Kota who are involved in many toxic things and mind my words they can distract you as well. The problem is that students get enough freedom in the new city and in the absence of their family they get easily influenced by their friends. Distraction in Kota includes getting into relationships, making friends, or involving with friends who consume drugs, alcohol, and whatnot. What you need to realize is to stay away from these types of friends and make some quality friends who take their studies seriously.

All the best students who are going to Kota for their studies always be confident, stay in touch with your family and share every problem that arises before you. Remember parents sent you with hopes and they will help you in every possible way.

Hope it helps!

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