How to make money on Instagram | Instagram strategies to earn

How to make money on Instagram

I am delighted if I caught your sight through the headline buy hey that is true you can earn so much via Instagram and I am here to guide you through the Instagram algorithm and strategies.

Instagram strategies to earn

There are 2 types of business you may be deciding to land on.

  • To market your products to sell your product
  • To be a blogger and recommend products that the organization has asked you to sell.

These are the two probabilities of how you can make money Below are the essentials that will help you to get started. Read all the instructions wisely and start implementing them to your Instagram account.



  1. Selling your products:

If you have to get sales done by selling your product online the procedure is as follows.

  • Make your Instagram account giving it the user name that defines your company/store and set your logo as a former step to get started,
  • Reach out and ask your friends, family, and people you know to follow you.
  • Post your updated products mentioning their description in the caption area while not forgetting to keep your clients updated on new upcoming products on your story.
  • Ask your clients to dm(direct message) you or directly comment on the product they need to buy and from here you can start.

This was all about selling products online through Instagram which is all free to use, your task is just to engage more people by following you. Just the only thing to keep in mind is asking people to provide feedback to your site which you can surely provide in the description and always try to better take their feedback seriously.

  1. Blogging:

You can start being a fashion, food, or travel blogger. Set up your profile and start posting daily about what you do all day, what you eat, how you work,  this is all to generate more followers. The more real followers you gain, the more the brands would reach you. If you write some blogs on your website so don’t forget to put that in your bio and ask people to read that as well. While you keep blogging you can also sell your own products and mention the link that people can access and buy the product.

Reach out to more number people:

This always remains a major issue, I have some points that you must follow while continuing to manage your profile:

  • Use hashtags(#) that belong to your field.

Example: If you are a food blogger, you can use #food, #deliciousm #tasty #yummy #indianfood #chinesefood #desifood #mumbaifood #chocolates, etc… and you can simply search these hashtags on Google and use them in your caption for better reach of your particular field.

  • Tag people in your post, it may be influencers or the organization you are targeting to reach you for the brand promotion.

Tips for Instagram followers:

  • Do not use fake techniques available on the internet or on youtube to gain fake followers because doing so will probably make you unhappy in the end.
  • Be genuine with your content and people will slowly reach out to you.
  • Add Instagram with your other social accounts so that maximum people can join you and can follow you easily.
  • Share your Instagram link to all the WhatsApp groups available and ask your friends too to share them as well.

Keep creating your content and share updates on your Instagram stories and don’t forget to share about your background stories, trust me people will get connected to you soon.

Soon brands will reach you out and will ask you to add for their brand and will pay you the desired amount what is your responsibility to have the same spirit till last and manage to get engagements to your account.

Hope it helps!