Space – The Final Frontier And The Future Of Humankind

The future of humankind lies in the stars above. Humankind was born 3 million years ago. So 3 million years evolve from wood tools to stone and then to iron and then to the age we live in right now. Technology, however, is progressing at a breakneck pace. The technological developments we are making now are comparable to thousands of years of evolution across the eons.
In 1969, humankind first lay its feet on another extraterrestrial object, the Moon. It was the single greatest achievement of humankind across the ages, and that day will forever revolutionize humankind and technology. Now, we have a thousand times the technology we had when we went to the moon. And in another 10 years, the scientific development will exponentially shoot up so that we would soon be able to travel to the nearby planets in our solar system like its neighboring city.
So, what can we see in the future in our generation? In the next 100 years, we could expect a city on Mars, on the moon, and factories all across the solar system. Asteroids are a big source of precious metals which are rare on Earth. This will mean there would be many mining companies that would employ people to travel to the asteroid belts to mine for these minerals. Engineers, manual laborers, and scientists would be hired by the masses at a very young age to feed minerals into these companies.
A new career altogether in itself will arise. They will be the Astro-charters who will design the course for the spaceships to travel throughout the solar system. Traveling in space requires a lot of hard calculations, which not everyone is sought out for. This will be like the sailors in the sea. There will also be a boom in space tourism where tourism companies will pop up like weeds which will offer people to the deepest reaches of the solar system to show them the beauty of the universe. There will also be many colonies on the moons of various gas giants like Jupiter and Neptune. These will be the centers of research and outposts for refueling for further deep space missions.
Scientists who specialize in physics and chemistry will be in the utmost demand by most of these companies. They will hire them because they will be able to chart courses for the spaceships and know where to mine what. They will have a deep understanding of space and where asteroids are to be found. They will also be used to develop better materials and faster engines to travel safer and faster. Material scientists will also be employed in the masses to develop safer equipment for the people who travel in deep space. There will be a lot of cosmic radiation in space. This will means that the human body will be exposed to cancer-causing radiation. It is, thus, necessary to protect against these harmful radiations.
Space laborers will also be a common thing in the future. Laborers will be needed to control the spaceships and manage equipment and minerals’ movement from one place to another. In addition, they will be educated on the basics of physics, electronics, and the physical sciences.
Science will get a huge boost because of the plentiful funding which many companies will provide to venture even deeper into space. Astrobiology and astrochemistry will also gain more importance than it has now. In addition, they will be needed to develop better farms that can function in deep space to provide food for the travelers.
Astronomy would be a prevalent subject that even small children will know about as that would be the most important part of the future. No job would function without astronomy in the future.
A bright and adventurous future is expected for humankind. Humankind will then venture off into other extrasolar systems to make colonies and further the reaches on humanity’s touch.

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