Tobacco – Commit to Quit

World anti tobacco day is observed around the world every year on 31 May. This day informs the people about the dangers of using tobacco and the dangerous businesses practices of tobacco . The world health organisation is conducting this day to fight against the use of tobacco and what people around the world can do to claim their to good health and live a healthy life and protect future generations.

The use of tobacco leads to many severe diseases which leads to even death related diseases. The day has been met with so much enthusiasm from governments around the world to prevent the use of tobacco.It results in lungs failure and causes many diseases. The extensive use of tobacco leads to deaths and the governments all over the world were forced to make an alternative measure. A worldwide no tobacco campaign has arised by the people and it has been getting a positive responses from the young generation.

World tobacco day how it started

In 1987 the member states of the world health organization started the world no tobacco day with the aim of drawing attention to the tobacco epidemic and the preventable death and the diseases it causes .After the resolution has passed it was a major opportunity for the people to go out and deliver the message of harmful uses of tobacco to the world.
This is year the theme of no tobacco day is ‘Quit tobacco and be a winner.’ Around the world there is several campaigns on social media to quit tobacco with several hashtags and spread the message of severe effects of tobacco. The use of tobacco in these difficult times with the spread of the corona virus is much more harmful than the normal and the studies have shown that people with smoking and consumption of tobacco have a greater chance to get the virus.

So let’s take a pledge in this day to prevent the use of tobacco and the spread the message to all the people around the globe .

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