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This article is my appreciation for the Indian Indie artist and their music which has healing powers like no other. Great lyrics are the main asset in these songs, these lyrics have a deeper meaning and so you have to listen to them carefully to get the most surreal experience. The music might only contain a guitar or a ukulele or a piano at a time instead of the whole group of musicians but once you hear the songs you would surely listen to them on loop because it soothes your soul and calms your mind.

As these artists work independently, they are free to be as creative with their art as they want and so their art reflects their creativity which sometimes can get suppressed in Bollywood music

Here are a few songs I’d want everybody to listen. (There are many other great songs of the same caliber that I could not mention in this list.)

  • Yahaan Koi Nahi (Punit Singh):  If you’re an introvert you should give this song a listen. This song has a major feel-good vibe but you must listen to the lyrics carefully because that’s where the essence of the song is. After listening to this song you would be assured that you are not the only one who feels lonely.
  • Khud Se (Osho Jain): This song will pluck the strings of your heart one by one. This song will make you realize that maybe it’s you who does not love yourself enough and that is why you think that others do not love you.
  • Waqt ki Baatein (Dream Note): Dream Note has done marvelous work to get you through the hard phase of your life, it gives you hope that everything will get better if you give it time, time heals every wound.
  • Musafir (Arjit Anand): Musafir is a song that asks you to take a pause and enjoy the present moment and the little joys of life. The voice and the music are soulful and soothing.                                                                  
  • Shaayad (Taba Chake): This song will lift your mood instantly. His voice and the music work their ways through your heart and for 3 minutes you will believe that no setback can stop you from achieving your goals.
  • Tum Jab Paas (Prateek Kuhad): There are many beautiful songs by Kuhad but this one transfers you into Utopia with your loved one. Imagine camping, bonfire, fairy lights, this is where you’ll be mentally while listening to this song.
  • Dil Mere (The Local Train): This Hindi Rock Band has released great songs and this is one of them. Dil Mere has great music and vocals and one could instantly fall in love with this song.

Indian Indie artists and their music should get much more appreciation than it gets now because these artists have the ability to connect with their audience emotionally. Listen to these songs and explore others like them, listening to these songs could have a therapeutic effect on your mind.

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