US promises to help India in Covid Fight

Will never forget the help given to us by India’ says US promising help to India in its Covid fight: Indan minister of external affairs S Jaishankar who was in his official trip to US became the first cabinet minister to visit it since Joe Biden was appointed as US president i.e January 20th. On Saturday external affairs minister gave an statement related to expand production of vaccines in India with assistance from the United States. He gave this statement after lot of discussion with some officials of US regarding Covid pandemic and vaccines.

The primary focus of the visit obviously was on the relationship with the new administration. It is a very important relationship. Also, to engage with the senior cabinet members here,” said the external affairs minister while revealing reason of his visit to Indian reporters after concluding successfully most of his engagements. The minister further added “There was also of course the COVID-19 context because of the vaccine partnership between India and the US, and also Quad-based discussions on vaccines. That was also one of the important subjects. In fact, in many ways, I would say the most important subject of my discussion,”.

Over the last two days Jaishankar met many officials and cabinet ministers of US. He met Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, US Trade Representatives Katherine Tai and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and some others. Jaishankar had some wide ranging talk with his counterpart from US i.e Anthony Blinken. He discussed many important issues with him and expressed his gratitude for Biden administration for it’s strong support and solidarity with India at a moment of great difficulty and for helping India in fighting with this deadly Covid 19 pandemic.

Blinken also expressed his gratitude for the help given to US by India while welcoming Jaishankar to the state department. He said that they will never forget that India was with US in the early days of Covid. He addressed to state department that “Now we want to make sure that we are there for and with India,“.

In the joint media interaction between the two leaders while addressing the reporters, Jaishankar said that “We have a lot of issues to discuss. I think our relations have grown stronger over the years and I’m very confident that it’ll continue to do so. I also want to take the opportunity to express to the Secretary, through him to the administration, (and) to the United States for the strong support and solidarity and at the moment of great difficulty (for us),” .

We are united in confronting COVID-19 together…We are united in dealing with the challenge posed by climate change and we are partnered together directly through the QUAD and other institutions in the United Nations in dealing with many of the challenges that we face in the region,” Blinken said emphasising on the unity of India and United States in supporting each other and fighting such challenges.

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