Females in jobs(critical analysis)

How often do we see a woman on top official post? Women judges at the country courts?Women leaders of their countries?Female leads in movies?

You answer may be 1,10 or may be 100.

This proves exemptions cannot be treated as generalist examples.

Sustainable Goal by UN (goal-5)focuses   to Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls..193 countries including India endorsed the goal.Still we witness a divide.

According to World Bank data (WB) women contributed 38.833% to the labor force in 2019.Less than 50%,not enough right? The same data shows that male labour force participation rate is 74.334%.

(As per ILO,Labour force participation rate is defined as the section of working population in the age group of 16-64 in the economy currently employed or seeking employment)

Where and why?


       Since Independence there have been only 8 female judges in the Supreme Court of India.While ,no Female CJI yet. High courts witness the same fate with 82 females as judges.In federal court of America,about 73% judges are male.UAE had their first female judge in 2019.Kenya recently appointed its first female Chief Justice

2. Films

There is a huge gender pay gal witnessed in film industry be it hollywood,bollywood.Many actors like Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence,Emma watson have been vocal.National Award winner Priyanka Chopra said ,”Gender pay gap is a global problem”.

3. Private sector 

     Private sector particularly Service sector provides ample opportunity for women.Although they face problems as the employers want to avoid giving maternity benefits and leaves ,flexibility of night shifts ,transfers due to marriage etc.Women have proved their mettle by engaging in most challenging jobs in the modern times and broke the above myths.


 A 33% reservation for women in and legislative assembly and legislative council bill is still pending before the legislature. According to UN women Women serve as Heads of State or Government in only 22 countries, and 119 countries have never had a woman leader .


The literacy rate for females in India is 53.7% whereas in America it is 77%.No prizes for guessing,male literacy rate is higher in both the developing and developed country.

According to UIS data provided by UNESCO,only 30% women researchers in science.Still they have managed to fare well and won most noble prizes in physics,chemistry and medicine.

They are faced with societal,matrimonial,family pressure.Child marriage,trafficking undoubtedly illegal on paper but are still  practiced by villages.

6. Police

 According to data from Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) ,women constitute only 8.3% to the police personnel in India.It wasn’t until recently that women were allowed in territorial army.They are still not allowed in major combat roles.

Way forward:-

  1. Postive role of social media to spread awareness.
  2. Laying impetus on education,providing better research opportunities,creating more infrastructure in rural areas etc
  3. Employment generation for women,to make them better contributers in Country’s GDP.
  4. Support women entrepreneurs ,Shgs,make them aware about existing schemes and benefits.
  5. Increasing reservation of women wherever underrepresented,provision of training for required skills therein.
  6. Making workplace amicable by taking prompt action on their complaints.
  7. Creating avenues for her to explore,learn ,grow in any sector she desires.
  8. Ensuring no girl child suffers from child marriage,school drop outs,become victims of violence .
  9. Efforts to remove the taboo of menstrual cycle.

Dr.Ambedkar had once quoted,I measure the progress of any society by the condition of women in it.

Indeed ! Any country cannot flourish to it pinnacle by leaving the one gender behind.