This article is for people who overthink the fact that they overthink. Overthinking is thinking the same thought on repeat till it mentally drains us. We may fall into an endless trap of overthinking and overanalysing every single situation in our lives. 

Overthinking makes even the smallest of things in our lives get complicated. for example: instead of going out with a friend and enjoying the moment we could end up overthinking every aspect of that day.

We tend to spend a lot of time thinking about our emotions. They may be the emotions of jealousy, hurt, anger, sadness, grief, etc. It is good to acknowledge our emotions but not get trapped in them.

Different people overthink different things. Some are stuck in their past, some worry about their future, some overthink about the people in their lives. Overthinking puts us in a dark place where we only keep thinking for hours and days without doing anything. We keep replaying questions like:

 “what if people don’t like me”

“Do I even have friends”

“I should have done this in the past”

“will I ever be able to be successful”

“What if I fail in life”

“why can’t I do this”

What we don’t understand is how irrelevant these thoughts are and how they consume our time and energy. Our past is gone, even if we want to change it we cannot. What we can change is our present and that will happen by not entertaining these thoughts.

The future is yet to come and is determined by our actions in the present. For a small example: if I do an internship in my present, it will help me in the future.

So things are still in our control and we don’t have to overthink so much.

Did you know it is our thoughts that control our actions?

If before going to a job interview you think about things like

“what if they don’t like me”

 “what if I mess it up”

 “what if I say the wrong things”

 Chances are they actually might not like you. The people conducting your interview would sense that you are not confident in yourself and would want to hire a person who believes in themselves.

Did you know many companies also give jobs based on confidence? Because every organization needs confident employees who believe in themselves.

Another thing a lot of people do is overthink even when they know the solution to it. Instead of thinking about why you keep getting bad marks in a subject may be giving the extra time, you spend thinking to study that subject could actually help you.

I used to overthink a lot of things in my life. It used to be about things that I wasn’t able to control. But, thinking about them did nothing but exhaust me mentally. Now I don’t entertain any negative thoughts which would cause me to overthink. I now try to work towards the things I want in my life instead of debating whether I will be able to do it or not. We need to stop saying things like “I can’t do it” and replace them with “I can”.

Human beings have the power to think. It is the brains of humans that made us reach the moon. Now, what I want you to understand is that every human being is as powerful as the person who came up with the smartest invention. But, it is on us what types of thoughts we entertain.

The more productive things a person thinks about the more successful and mentally strong they will be in their lives.