World Pharmacist Day

The world pharmacist day reminds the world to pay a special tribute to all those pharmacists who are rendering services with kindness and empathy.Pharmacists are the best group who are supporting the medical system with much kindness and tenderness. During the time of the pandemic, pharmacists have played a key role in supporting health care. 

World pharmacist’s day is celebrated on the 25th of September. Every year, world pharmacist’s day is celebrated with great enthusiasts.The world is celebrating this day to thank those pharmacists who pay extra attention to the health care of the people. The theme of this year’s world pharmacist day is nothing other than  “Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health”. The selection of the theme is done with extra care and concern. It is highly related to trust in the field of health care. Trust is the fundamental aspect of the health care field. Human relationships are built around the concept called trust. Trust can act as a vital part of health care. Health is a sensitive area. Health can be achieved through the trust of so many branches.The association between people belonging to the pharmacy field and the patients is very important.The helping hands of the pharmacists especially during the pandemic are worth mentioning. So, it is important to give respect and pay tribute to the selfless services of pharmacists across the world.

World Pharmacist Day: Significance

The IPF Council 2009 in Istanbul introduced the world pharmacist’s day celebration and demonstrated the importance of the world pharmacist day. The services of this particular group of people should be brought into the limelight. The world should know more about pharmacists. It is important to know the value of their services in the health care feels. The world pharmacist’s day celebration aims at promoting and recognizing the role of pharmacists in health care.The day is also a reminder to accept the pharmacists and their services with respect. It helps to promote the importance of pharmacists. The world should understand the pivotal role of pharmacists. World Pharmacists Day encourages people to identify the pharmacists in all nooks and corners of the world. It helps people across the globe to identify the pharmacists among the crowd. It is important to know more about the selfless activities of pharmacists. They are providing the best possible services for the people in the best way in the field of medical care.

What is the International Pharmaceutical Federation (IPF)?

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (IPF) is the founder of World Pharmacists Day. This organization aims at providing possible recognition to pharmacists across the world. The global body represents everything related to the field of pharmacy.  The IPF is the main source for pharmaceutical education, pharmaceutical sciences and other aspects related to the sector of pharmacy. It is the selfless service of the pharmacists that can bring about a smile in the face of the patients who are suffering from various diseases. The services rendered by this group should be put in the limelight and should be treated with extra importance.

The world should promote the services and accept the helping hands extended by this group of people. Health care is an important aspect of life and it is important to understand the better services of pharmacists across the globe. The IPF represents trillions of pharmacists across the globe. The IPF has 144 branches and through the national organizations, they are trying to bring forth the importance of pharmacists across the globe. The academic institutional members, representatives and individual members of the particular body can stand as the representatives working in this sector. The pharmaceutical scientists, pharmaceutical educators, pharmacists and representatives around the world. IPF has its office in the Netherlands. This is a  non-governmental organization that can help pharmacists across the world to cope up with situations.

The IPF can support the pharmacists to develop their resources and extending their services. The IPF works to ensure the completeness of the services rendered by pharmacists across the globe. The selfless services are appreciated and coordinated by the IPF. Scientific inventions and practices are possible through this. It is an attempt to meet the health care of the world. It is an effort to meet the expectations and the necessity of the people depending on the pharmaceuticals’ is worth noting that  78% of Pharmacy Technicians are Females. There are a total of  4 million pharmacists can be identified across the globe. It is important to serve and respect them in the right way. The revenue of the pharmaceutical market is around 1204.8 billion USD. They are the most accessible healthcare professionals available in the health care field. They are the valuable assets of the health care sector.

They are the group of experts who are providing the best treatment advice, medicine usage advice and many more things to do while taking the medicines. Health care is safe within their hands. The world can witness the kindness and empathy of the pharmacist’s people. World pharmacist’s day is celebrated on September 25th 2021 this year. It is the selfless activity of pharmacists across the world irrespective of age and gender in the medical world. The IPF was established in the year 1912 on September 25. This is the reason why the Turkish members have suggested the celebration of the day on 25th September.

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