Thoughts Are Yours But Not YOU

Thoughts do not define you.

Isn’t it sounding dumb? Let’s introduce you to a new perspective.

Most of the humans inhabit in themselves a computer which runs in accordance to the instructions. It goes without saying which part of a human it is. It is none other than our brain. The reasons behind our race’s excelling heights but also the main culprit behind its sadness. But it does not define us

How? Still unanswered!

Because the brain is hard to control. Why do you think a person requires a psychiatrist or a psychologist or a therapist to understand their thoughts, reactions and behaviours?

And also…why do you think you want to keep a part of YOU under control?

Because it is not you. And applause to those who become aware of it and consult the right person.

But how do I justify what I just explained?

The subconscious brain acts in accordance to the our thoughts/perspectives and how it usually makes us react to a particular kind of situation.
For example: We may have a habit of getting angry out of nowhere when someone intimidates us . That’s our usual way of thinking in such situation. Fight back!

•Or,we may get worried when smallest of things are left undone. Maybe because our thoughts murmur all possible negative consequences the undone tasks may have

•Or,We may get frustrated when something does not go our way because our thoughts might just block out any possible scope of understanding.

How many times do we end up crying or saying to ourselves “This was not me. I didn’t meant to do it” to ourselves or to the person concerned?

What is similar in these three examples?

Guilt. Surprise. Cluelessness. Breakdown. All of which takes place after we have reacted. But why?

Because it induces toxicity in us. We do not want to react that way but we feel imprisoned.

The kind of thoughts which we nurture towards a certain situation(negative thoughts)stimulate such reactions and when the reaction is delivered, it makes us feel terrible. We end up questioning, why did we act like that?

The answer is, because of our own perspective!
The way in which we usually perceive a situation gets registered deep inside our subconscious mind and its so deeply registered that mostly, we cannot stop ourselves from perceiving things the same way in every situation.
The subconscious mind has observed you thinking one particular way and it has understood how to think thereafter.

Then how do we change the instructions which we gave to this computer?

Be aware of the instructions you give to it. Being aware is the key to controlling your thoughts.
Be aware of the development of this habit of thinking negatively. Be aware of your perspective and how it is controlling you.

Every situation is neutral. We are not really controlled by a situation but by our thoughts regarding the situation.
A positive mindset diverts our mind to the brighter side of the situation. To the goodness present in it. Such a mindset gives us happiness and makes us humble.

A negative mindset is rather cynical. It makes us feel terrible about the situation and thus,we end up acting terribly.
In such a situation we do not control our thoughts but it controls us.

A negative mindset attracts negative vibes, things and sometimes negative self proclaimed prophecies may end up becoming our reality.

But how do we control it?

Consult a psychiatrist or a therapist. I put it the first because it is important too. The fact about getting medical assistance for mental health is talked about so rarely that I decided to put it as a possible and probably one of the best ways to control your thoughts. Speak it out to them.

Meditation. Changing your thoughts require you to calm yourself down the first. Meditation gives you an understanding of the true nature of your thoughts by making you calm and relaxed. When calm, you can question your thoughts and be crystal clear about the reason behind its existence. Delete the instructions from the computer by questioning its importance.
Be calm to hear the voices in you

Engage in positive activities. After deleting the old instructions which your computer was habituated to, you require a set of improved instructions.
Meditation can be the best instruction because it teaches us how to control our thoughts and get a clear understanding of our emotions. Reading self help books help further in understanding your subconscious mind and therefore, helping you understand how to instruct it and get control over it. Yoga helps you to stay active, healthy and can greatly control the stimulation of anger and frustration by assisting you in controlling your thoughts. Pursue new habits. Keeping yourself busy with habits which add up to your growth and development can do wonders to your perspective.
Drinking enough water can equally boost your thoughts. Water absorbs energy and when you surround yourself with positive activities, habits and people, it absorbs the best. Remember, more than half of your body is water. Travelling is an all time favorite therapy for most. Its benefits goes without saying. Go somewhere far and spend time with YOU. YOU and your soul deserves attention.
Practice helping and humility. You can never ever absorb the N of NEGATIVITY in you when your soul is open for all.

At the end of it all, if you are confused between thoughts and emotions, let me explain my take on it.

Thoughts stimulate emotions which in turn stimulate reaction.
Understand your emotions and control your thoughts. The lock is the subconscious mind and awareness is the key.