How To Manage Emotions

In my previous to previous article on thoughts and how it stimulates emotions I had put forward my view that no emotion exists without a reason. Its there because we think of a situation, a person or something in a particular way which kick starts our emotions accordingly.

I am a teenager and I suffer from unexplainable emotions sometimes. Thanks to the person who gave me the most brightest and the most practical solution to this issue. He is none other than Vex King.

Unlike thoughts, emotions CANNOT be controlled but are to understood. It is only after a thorough understanding of your feelings or emotions that you can conclude the root cause(the thoughts) which created it.

For example: Have you ever felt inferiority complex? The feeling which makes your confidence and belief shiver and which makes your mind the supreme critic of yourself.

How do you at all stop that kind of feeling? Its so common nowadays.


• The most important step to take before understanding why you feel the way you feel is to accept that you feel something negative crawling in you. Most of the people nowadays ignore their emotions by working and spending their time somehow. But that never ends the feelings. It just subjugates it and once the person is all by themselves before bed or even for a minute, those emotions swallow down his peace.

They say you cannot run from a truth and emotions are a truth. You cannot run from it. To fight it,you have to face it.

Question It. (Asking such questions is not just helping you understand tour emotions better but helps you get a closer insight about your thought process, assumptions, perspectives)

Why do you feel emotions of anxiousness and panic? Why do you feel jealous and insecure in someone else’s presence? Why are you questioning your worth?

Because, you THINK and FEEL you are not enough. Somewhere you are so lost looking for validation and praises that even the minute criticism to receive makes your heart stop.

Because you feel what the other person possesses is much better than what you have as they get praised for it and your mind continuously reminds you how foolish you are for not being like them.

Its okay to feel this way. Half of the population of our race feels the similar nowadays.

Because our mind has no achievement to hold on to which it can spoil with ego(not an achievement which our pride can utilize). On further questioning you will find the answer. Just like when you have ego you can’t see anyone else but you, similarly when it breaks you see everyone else but you.  So, its not them who seems too good to be true, its your thoughts and emotions which cloud your awareness from knowing your own capabilities.

Its not our fault. We are so accustomed to feel empty and disposable after our ego is broken, we do not know who we are.

But if you choose to remain this way, it is your fault.

•Are they worth your energy?analyse & question the answers!After questioning and finding the answers to your emotions and understanding the reasons behind their presence, question the validity of the answers. Question the thoughts which made you feel in a particular way about the situation. Why did you think in that way?

Some questions for the given example situation of inferiority complex are as follows:

Can you be the person who, according to you, is better than you? (a rather negative perspective of someone being better than you)

Can you live your life being someone else? Pleasing everyone but you? Living like a puppet?

To which feature of them are you comparing yourself with? Do you know enough about that feature of yours? Have you ever tested it?

The list can go on… which, after a certain time will question your thoughts and changes it with positivity. Self introspection does wonders

Realization:  This is the final step wherein the complete understanding of the emotions set in. Not only we become aware of the emotions but we have understood it by this stage and now its time to do the needful. With an understanding of your emotional state, now you can actually ‘move on’ in your life with a rather better understanding of yourself.

Emotions make us human. You can never be devoid of it but however, understanding your emotions cuts off the negative and self detoriating emotions and replaces them with calmness and a sense of freedom from the chaos.