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Steps to improve waste disposal methods

The population of humans is increasing at a rapid rate due to which the wastes produced by them are increasing at a significant phase. Recycling is the only way to make the situation better. We all are aware of this fact, but the efforts we put into recycling are at […]

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“Successful People are not gifted. They just work hard, then succeed on purpose” – G.K.Nelson. In the initial years of college, we all will be living in a fantasy world where we are with a feeling that we have everything one could wish for. The reality hits us hard on […]

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Media Madness : Modern Teens are taken over by external appearances and run in a race of fame leaving their originality behind. They value the opinions of their fellow mates about their beauty and strive hard to get compliments from them. Social Media has added fuel to the fire. Guys […]

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a tour to chennai

“Once in a year go to someplace, you have never been” – Dalai Lama. Travel is an outlet for all emotions buried underneath our hearts and remains unnoticed in the rapid phase of our daily lives. We all have different travel choices. Some of us can be fond of beaches, […]

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tips to house train your dog

Introduction: Your puppies become the spotlight of your house and earn the affection of you as soon as they are joined as your new family member. The training of your paw partner is a crucial part and it becomes a piece of cake when you start it at an early […]

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“Why Fit in while you are born to stand out?”-Dr.Seuss. “A job interview is not a test of your knowledge. But your ability to use it at the right time”. Every one of us would have dreamt at least once in our mind about our first job, the day we […]

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Kickstarting your career in a startup

“A big business starts small.” – Richard Branson. Once you have finished college, there might be immense pressure on you from your family, friends, and acquaintances. Some of your classmates/ friends would have been placed on a prominent Multinational company. Deep down your heart needs a job that would let […]

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