Culture and History

Cultural history brings to life a past time and place. In this search, cultural historians study beliefs and ideas, much as intellectual historians do. … These are reflected in the products of deliberately artistic culture, but also include the objects and experiences of everyday life, such as clothing or cuisine.

There is no honour in killing

An honor killing or shame killing  is the murder of an individual, either an outsider or a member of a family, by someone seeking to protect what they see as the dignity and honour […]

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Child Marriage legalised on Rajsthan

Currently, Rajasthan govt released an amendment “Rajasthan compulsory Registration of Marriage Amendment Bill 2021” it allowed registration of child marriages, it’s 21 century and we all are aware of how heinous child marriage is, here are some of my views on this act In my views law is not wrongThose […]

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Power of chair

We all want to see ourselves strong. Often there comes a time when we think that I wish we could do this, I wish we had this power. One such power is the strength of the chair but it is the most special. Getting it can change the fate of […]

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Was Gandhi wrong

Ok, so let me make it clear, I’m writing it because I know his autobiography and some other literature of that time. Many say Gandhi was Racist about Africans and didn’t fight for black people.When he reached Africa Indian merchants had a far better life there(compared to native Africans) and […]

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Bhagat Singh- The Legend.

Bhagat Singh was a true symbol of heroism for the youth of India. Born on September 28, 1909, in Lyallpur now in Pakistan. Bhagat was the son of Shri Kishan and Shrimati Vidyavati. He was still a student of the National College and only sixteen years of age when he […]

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Peace and trust builds humanity.

As the famous quote by Dalai Lama goes, “World belongs to humanity, not this leader, that leader or that king or prince or religious leader. World belongs to humanity.” So what does Humanity mean and how can we induce a sense of humanity in our society and how can we build […]

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