The origin of biriyani in India is uncertain. Many theories are put forward in the origin of Biriyani in our country. The delicacy is considered as a food pride of our country. According to historian Lizzie Collingham, the modern biryani developed in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire (1526–1857) […]

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The Amazon

The forest is a peculiar organism of unlimited kindness and benevolence that makes no demands for its sustenance and extends generously the products of its life activity; it affords protection to all beings, offering shade even to the axe-man who destroys it. – Gautama Buddha Today , let’s feel the […]

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Biriyani & best biriyani joints in kolkata

Biryani is a mixed rice dish originating among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Biryani is an Indo-Aryan word derived from the Persian language, which was used as an official language in different parts of medieval India by various Islamic dynasties.Biryani is popular throughout the Indian subcontinent, as well as […]

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