Knowing Your Purpose and Passion in Life

Knowing Your Purpose and Passion in Life Have ever thought about your purpose? It is most likely that you have one, even if you don’t know it. What about your passion? Do you have one? Perhaps you’ve got never considered that either, but knowing your purpose and keenness in life […]

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Trying to be happy

The only thing that we can do to ourself is making us happy. Winning can make you get a job but Being happy can cost you a life. When the life you live is temporary, how can the problems be permanent. The life you live must be the life you […]

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It’s just a bad day,not a bad life

My name hasn’t been shortlisted for the final round of an interview in a reputed company while many of my friends got selected. To be frank I am not at all happy and trying to be happy because if I try to be sad then I can’t be happy. I […]

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