The International Day of Indigenous people

a broader definition is the fact that indigenous people are defined by their cultures which is at a steady loss across the globe. The most important thing is to treasure the fragments of their traditions that still remain. Because a rainbow is better a rainbow.

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Benefits of learning different languages. [Part 1]

[Bhoomika Saini] Knowing more than one language is nearly vital in today’s world. Companies are all global, and the demand for multilingual applicants is high. But not all languages are created equal; some will get you further than others. What Makes A Language Useful To Learn? Feed Your Brain The […]

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Languages in India

Language can be defined as Communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols India is known for its diversity; diversity of religion, culture, tradition, languages, dialect etc. Eighth schedule of the constitution of India recognizes as many as 22 […]

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