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How & What Mindset build a better world?.

As a general rule, it’s more profitable to leverage your strengths than it is to fix your weaknesses. This is especially true when we are talking about skills: focus on what you do well, and let someone else do the stuff that you struggle with. There’s one huge exception to […]

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A Restless Mind.

A mind which is not stable. When there lots of thoughts keep running in your mind and cannot find any answer to the question. Then, that is called a restless mind. Basically, it is nothing more then a mind that is always insecure about there decision. Hey there, today I’m […]

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Indian Railways – Lifeline Network of Indian Economy

Among the triumphant and majestic inventions of the modern world, is widespread transportation. Compared to other transports available today, railways transport as one of the eloquent one. No doubt aeroplanes and automobiles have provided much ease in everyday life but the importance of railway transportation is perpetual. Railways have edge […]

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