Time is somewhat that you can never take back. It not rewind like videotape. Time management is significant for students to do the study with spotlight. Time management is important for students to get high marks. Student’s winner in studies depends much on managing time professionally. The practice and ethics […]

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Don’t let that kid die inside you, please.

I know you must be thinking about abortion or something related to parenting thing, but, no. Don’t get yourself wrong, as we say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” the same applies here, don’t judge a blog by its title. Then why title is there, huh! Hello fellows, don’t […]

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A Restless Mind.

A mind which is not stable. When there lots of thoughts keep running in your mind and cannot find any answer to the question. Then, that is called a restless mind. Basically, it is nothing more then a mind that is always insecure about there decision. Hey there, today I’m […]

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